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The mechanism of work in the "Altafarud" is clear, based on cooperation and exchange of opinion to properly serve the accomplishment and what achieves its spread. Among the most important points in this framework:

  • Receive the work whose author wishes to print it and publish it, so that it is sent to the official e-mail, and the author is accompanied.

  • "Altafarud" will determine whether or not it accepts the book within a period of time not exceeding five days from the date of the email's request to print and publish the book.

  • Signing the project contract - publishing the literary achievement - in which it clarifies the various rights of the two parties.

  • Altafarud is responsible for correcting and checking the achievement, and the various technical aspects necessary for the production and publication of the achievement.

  • Altafarud presents the achievement to the National Media Council in the Emirates, and to the Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia, to obtain the necessary approvals for printing and publishing.

  • A timeframe is set out, indicating steps to be taken from printing, publishing and distribution.

  • Follow-up, as the follow-up process to distribute the book does not stop at various points and points of sale

The policy of "Altafarud is based on the concept of cooperation and partnership between the author and the publisher. This cooperation includes printing, publishing and distribution, through services aimed at the author, including:

  • Design and production for the book.

  • For printing and publishing of the book.

  • Correction, revision, and revision of the book.

  • Giving advice on the book before publication.

  • Inform the author of the distribution points of his book.

  • Give the author the copies he needs from the book.

  • Author's support to participate in knowledge meetings.

  • Assistance in preparing news and press dialogues.

  • Making videos and audio of the author.

  • Design pictures for clips about the book.

  • Help in being present on social media, and in being on the Internet through an official website.

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