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The mechanism of work in the "Future and Creativity Institution" is clear and unambiguous and based on cooperation and exchange of opinions to serve the product properly and achieve its spread. The most important points in this framework:

  • Receipt of the work that the author wanted to print and publish, the author will send it to the official e-mail of the institution and attach the work.

  • The Future and Creativity Institution will determine whether or not to accept the book within a period of time not exceeding five days from the date of receipt of the request to print and publish the book.

  • Signing the contract of the project - publishing the literary work- which clarifies the rights of the two parties.

  • The Institution of Future and Creativity undertakes the correction and verification of the work, and the various technical aspects necessary for the production and publication.

  • The Institution of Future and Creativity will present the work to the National Media Council of the UAE and to the Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia to take the necessary approvals for printing and publishing.

  • A time frame is drawn up indicating the time taken in printing, publishing, and distribution.

  • The follow-up, while the follow-up process is not limited in the distribution of the book at different quarters and points of sale.

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