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The "Future and Creativity" policy is based on the concept of cooperation and partnership between the author and the publisher. This cooperation includes printing, publishing, and distribution through direct services aim at the author's service. There are indirect services. These services are included in the contract papers with the author:

Direct services:

  • Inform the author of the distribution points for his book and the movement of the book  periodically.

  • The author grants the copies needed of the book, to be used to promote the book and to provide it to the different media means.

  • Support the author for lectures and knowledge meetings.

  • Assistance in the preparation of news and interviews.

Indirect services:

  • Making videos and audio clips for the author.

  • Design of several models of pictures as quotations from the work of  the author.

  • Assisting in effective presence on social media.

  • Presence on the Internet through an official website.

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